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Tiosh Abaj  is  located on  the  shores  of  the  beautiful  Lake  Atitlan, in the town of  Santiago Atitlán, Sololá, 140 kms. (90 miles) from Guatemala City.

Tiosh Abaj, is a Tzutujil Mayan word meaning "sacred stone".

This sacred stone marker takes the form of  a  jaguar and is located   in our stunning gardens, looking out over the Lake.

Opposite to the Jaguar stone stands the majestic San Pedro Volcano and the beautiful Lake Atitlán which opens up into a panoramic view. Tiosh Abaj is truly a unique and magical place!

Within our hotel, guests from all over the world enjoy private access to the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Guests can take in the exquisite landscaped gardens, lie in a hammock, enjoy an organic coffee on the pool deck or experience our delicious menu of fresh international and national offerings.

In Santiago Atitlan, visitors have the opportunity to experience  the local ancient Tzutujil culture which continues to thrive in the village. Visit the markets filled with vibrant weavings, carvings and other beautiful Mayan artesian offerings.

From Tiosh Abaj you can easily walk to the public pier, markets and the main street, where craft  vendors,  banks,  ATM, tuk tuks and other tourist attractions are located.

Santiago Atitlan is a true village experience ..... with its incredible cultural and artistic diversity!

Our goal is to provide our guests with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


Tiosh Abaj

" Tiosh Abaj ", in the Tzutujil


Mayan language means


"Sacred Stone"


This stone is in the


form of a  "JAGUAR"


and has been a sacred


place to the tzutujil Mayan


people up to the present time.


This Sacred Site is still being


used ceremonially and preserved


with respect.