Santiago Atitlán

Called “the house of birds” in the Tzutujil Mayan language, Santiago is known for its wide variety of birds that can be found singing in the trees and embodied into the traditional clothes women use and weave by hand.

Santiago is also famous for its artistic wood carvings. The surrounding landscape is known for its large coffee plantations. 

The people of  Santiago Atitlán have much to offer, with  their rich history and culture. They are one of the largest indigenous cultures within Central America. Santiago Atitlán also has one of the oldest Catholic churches in the country. It is also home to the holy Maximón, to which people come to visit from different places, bringing him gifts in gratitude for the miracles he performs.


Founded in 1547. It is one of the oldest churches in Guatemala.

In December 1990, Santiago was among the first towns of Guatemala to declare its independence from Guatemala´s army during the Civil War. This war resulted in many massacres and devastated many parts of Guatemala.

From Tiosh Abaj you can easily walk to the public pier, the market and the main street, where the craft vendors, banks, ATM, and other tourist attractions are located.

Tiosh Abaj

" Tiosh Abaj ", in the Tzutujil


Mayan language means


"Sacred Stone"


This stone is in the


form of a  "JAGUAR"


and has been a sacred


place to the tzutujil Mayan


people up to the present time.


This Sacred Site is still being


used ceremonially and preserved


with respect.