The pool is designed in the shape of a dolphin and is located next to the restaurant and the cultural lounge. Guests and visitors can enjoy the service of our restaurant and bar while enjoying a swim or relaxing by our spacious pool.


We have two traditionally built "Temascales ". Mayan Natural Saunas.  Medicinal  and aromatic herbs are used during the sauna.

Treat yourself to relax, detoxify and receive a dep sense of well-being.

Tiosh Abaj

" Tiosh Abaj ", in the Tzutujil


Mayan language means


"Sacred Stone"


This stone is in the


form of a  "JAGUAR"


and has been a sacred


place to the tzutujil Mayan


people up to the present time.


This Sacred Site is still being


used ceremonially and preserved


with respect.